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What's Included​​ in the Classic Package

  • 20 hours of instruction in typical and traditional Calabrian cooking. Pasta’s, breads, pork specialties, fish, cheese, vegetables. 4 hours per day x 5 days.

  • Lunch after each class. Wine is included.

  • "Field Trips" to local farms, vineyards, markets and specialty producers.

  • Translator/Certified Guide

  • Driver and Van (when applicable)



What's Not Included

  • Airfare

  • Transfers from Lamazia Airport

  • Dinners (there may be exceptions, but they are few)



Marano Marchesato, Provence of Cosenza, Region of Calabria, Italy

Lesson Plan 



  09:00 Brief staff introduction and overview of classes (Taglieri)

  0930 hrs - Class Begins.  Traditional Calabrian Appetizers

 12:30 hrs - Intermezzo

 13:00 hrs - Lunch - that you helped make

 15:00 hrs - Departure for aftercamigiatellonoon Field Trip to I Giganti d'Sila

 18:00 hrs - Visit to the town of Camigliatello (Sila) and Aperetivo att Fattoria Bio Products1 1730  19:00hrs - Return to Palazzo Conforti

 Dinner on your own.


 09:00 hrs - Brief overview of the days lesson (Primi)

 09:30 hrs - Class Begins.  "His Majesty, Pasta". Traditional pasta doughs, shapes & sauces.

 13:00 hrs - Lunch

 15:00 hrs - Depart for Field Trip to hilltop villages of Rende and San Fili.

 18:00 hrs - Return to Palazzo Conforti

 Dinner on your own


 09:00 hrs - Brief introduction to the day's lesson. (Secondo)

 09:30 hrsCalabrian Salumi and typical meat dishes. learn what cuts are used.

  13:00 hrs - Lunch

 15:00 hrs - Field Trip to the "Agrota" farm.  Learn the history of the Calabrian Black Pig

 17:00 hrs - Visit to Cosenza Antica (Old Cosenza) 

 18:30 hrs - Aperetivo at Bistrot Antica Salumeria.  Calabrian meats, cheese and preserves.

 20:00 hrs - Return to Palazzo Conforti


 09:00 hrs - Brief overview of the day"s lesson (Secondo d'Mare)

 09:30 hrs - Calabria da Mare e d'Amore.  Main courses from the sea.  Holidays and beyond.

 13:00 hrs - Lunch

 15:00 hrs - Visit to the Tyrrhenian Coast from Paola to Amantea.

 18:30 hrs - a stop in Amantea at Gelateria Sicouli, a renowned gelato-lovers parlor.

 19:00 hrs - Return to Palazzo Conforti

 Dinner on your own


 09:00 hrs - Brief overview of the day's lesson (Dolce)

 09:30 hrs - Calebrian Sweets. learn what sweets are traditional to different holidays

 13:00 hrs - Lunch

 15:00 hrs - Field trip to the vineyards and winery of Serracavallo in Bisignano

 17:00 hrs - Aperetivo.  Wine tasting and Tanglieri (cutting boards).  In France its "charcitrie

 19:00 hrs - Return to Palazzo Conforti

 Dinner on your own


 10:00 hrs - Visit Tropea an sample Tropea Sweet Red Onion Preserves.   

 13:00 hrs - Lunch

 15:00 hrs - Return to Palazzo Conforti

 Dinner on your own


* Saturday can be a "free day" meaning it can be unstructured, allowing you to roam. 


BE ADVISED: If you're only able to take a single class, try to pick a day where the lesson plan fits your needs.

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